VC Nuggets of the day

  • Venture Capital section of Deal Book of The New York Times edited by Andrew Ross Sorkin
  • Developers worldwide can integrate LinkedIn into their business applications and Web sites. Read more…
  • was created in March 2009 as a place for VCs and startups to list their job openings.
  • – Defrag is focused on the tools and technologies that accelerate the "aha" moment, and is a gathering place for the growing community of implementers, users, and thinkers that are building the next wave of software innovation.
  • Harvard Business School (HBS) says that it will hold a new business plan competition open to HBS alumni from all over the world. Read more…
  • “investors should be prepared for lower-than-average historical returns with heightened government regulation, lower consumption, slower growth and a shrinking global role for the U.S. economy” Read more…
  • The formation of a new company to run the online newsstand — sometimes characterized as an “iTunes for magazines” — may be announced in early December. Read more…
  • Venrock = Venture + Rockefeller; A pionering venture capital firm formed in 1969.
  • David Pakman – a Partner at Venrock in New York, David focuses on early stage venture investing in internet and digital media companies. Read more…
  • Cloudera, the commercial Hadoop(TM) company, today announced that it has secured a Series B venture capital funding round led by Greylock Partners. Read more…

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