VC Nuggets of the day

  • Fred Wilson is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures – specializing in early stage investing. 
  • CloudMade is building tools that will make it easier for non-technical people to add data to OpenStreetMap. Google owns its mapping data, even when that data is provided by volunteers, while data contributed to OpenStreetMap is owned by whoever provides it. Read more…
  • Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) – Norwest Venture Partners raised $1.2 billion and will invest the money in technology startups and other growth-stage private companies based in the U.S., India, Israel and China over the next three to four years, says managing partner Promod Haque. Read more…
  • Industry analyst Gartner Group recently predicted that the market for cloud computing services will exceed $14 billion by 2014.
  • – this company positions itself as on demand computing. Nevertheless, it looks like it changes fees before you actually consume the resources. Is it really a cloud?  Validated Technology Stacks: Unparalleled Apache, PHP, Rails, and MySQL performance in the Joyent Cloud.
  • AlwaysOnVC & $The 2009 Venture Capital 100 – The 2009 Winners – AlwaysOn VC 100 highlights the one hundred individuals who have backed the most profitable winners in the last four years (copy of the list).
  • BusinessWire \ Services \ Finance \ Venture Capital
  • What is a definition of top-tier venture capital firm?
  • Forbes will not publish its annual Midas List next year. Read more…
  • Bootstrapping is the art of building a business via one’s own financial means. Read more…

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