Angel nuggets of the day

  • Keiretsu Forum is the largest of these new angel networks, with more than 500 angels in 11 chapters on three continents.
  • “A recent article in the Economist quoted the Center for Venture Research which estimates that there are 350,000 angels investing $30 billion in 50,000 ventures each year in just the US. Worldwide the numbers are much larger but are hard to estimate.” Read more…
  • “Angels … expect to hold on to their investments for five to seven years…”
  • David Rose, the chairman of the New York Angels: “the cost of starting an Internet company has dropped tenfold. Years ago, it cost about $2 million to get a strong concept to product launch. Shortly after the burst of the Internet bubble, the cost got down to a couple hundred thousand. Recent angel-funded companies have gotten there on $20k. And now, the cost is heading lower. … they get to invest in companies that already have a finished product when they seek funding. So, the money is  for scaling, not for developing a prototype.”

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