VC Nuggets of the day

  • NY Tech Meetup – The first Tuesday of every month 5-7 people get 5 minutes to wow the NY tech community with their cool technology demo. The events now is regularly max out with 500 or more attendees.
  • Ten-year venture capital returns are falling and they’re not getting up anytime soon” by Russell Garland
  • In approaching new investments consider the following criteria: Management, Market, Technology, Deal, Exit
  • “For a company that’s capable of going public, IPOs will still pay you a higher price than a merger or acquisition” – I am not sure about that since const of IPO is pretty significant (underwriters take about 6% – 7%).
  • ZeroIPO released exhaustive data [on October 27th] on third quarter venture capital and private equity activity in China.
  • www.onehub.comprovider of web-based collaboration and file sharing software, has raised $1.3 million in Series A funding from seed backer Ingition Partners and individual angels. (+++)
  • – online marketplace for information updates has raised $800,000 in seed funding (—)

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